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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Foggy, slippery surfaces

I don't mean the roads, either... which actually do apply to the title of this post because our roads here in the southern Oregon coast are icy, slippery and foggy thanks to the very rare snowfall we had yesterday.  It's pretty, but brrrrr and yikes, scary to travel on.

My brain is feeling the same today.  I can't seem to focus on anything.  I don't like that feeling. I have tried writing a list, putting things in piles to complete, etc. It reminds me of early sobriety and that really scares me.

I know how to fix it though and that's a good thing.  We have dinner with friends tonight, so once that is over I'll go home and start a task and finish it, then start another and finish it, then so on, until I decide it's time to stop and relax.  I've been multi-tasking lately and usually I'm pretty good at it.  But this time of year especially, seems to lead me astray.

What about you? Does multi-tasking work all the time, once in a while or never?

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  1. multi tasking works "most of the time" LOL.... when it fails, it fails big! I'm trying to get back into the blog game this year, I miss it so much but somehow have lost my way. Thanks for staying connected on Facebook!