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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 is what we make of it.

Happy New Year...

I know many of you say that 2016 was absolutely horrible and that you believe that 2017 will be just as bad. Seriously, that makes me so sad.

I don't judge how bad or good my life is by who got elected, by what celebrities died this year or anything that happens in our society. My life is what I make of it. As you read this (at least maybe one person will read it) please take time to click on the links. I deliberately didn't post pictures so that you have to read.

Here's my 2016 in a nutshell: We had two healthy baby Miniature Herefords born on the farm, I bought a horse that I plan on learning with, I got to spend lots of time with the funnest little grandson ever, went to 4 "Home Free" concerts (and got a pair of jeans from the bass singer), hung out with some awesome friends, new and old (wish I could tag everyone here), weathered open-heart surgery with my husband who has had an amazing recovery and too many absolutely amazing things to list. Did anything bad or sad happen? Of course it did.  It's part of life. Some wonderful people passed away, finances were a pain in the rear (aren't they always), I had stress in my life, a high blood pressure scare and a lot more.

I started really focusing on living a simpler, minimalist lifestyle.  Check out www.theminimalists.com Pretty sure my family thinks I'm nuts. And I might think I'm nuts also. We live on a farm, so I can't get rid off too much stuff because realistically there is stuff we might need. But I can tell you it's made me feel happier and like I have more time to relax and have fun. I have actually spent an afternoon (or maybe two) sitting on the couch watching documentaries. I'm letting stuff go, though I'm still not perfect at it. Christmas eve and Christmas day I went overboard feeling like I needed to make all of the traditional goodies. Let's just say that there is a lot left that are getting tossed to the chickens. That's not happening ever again. On a good note, youngest and I volunteered at a community Christmas Feast on Christmas day and it was so fun. I was scared of the thought of living with less at first. I've lived my life with stuff. It was hard to realize that the high from getting something new (even just new to me) was short-lived. Now I get joy out of going into a store with a specific need and not spending money on extras. I find support through friends or social media pages (Surviving and Thriving on Life, The Minimalists, becoming minimalist  and others).   One thing I've noticed is how I am grateful for small things.  Quick example: Today is New Years Day.  I slept in, we moved our cows to their new pasture and that was about it for accomplishments.  Oh, I did make some 4 ingredient homemade bread. Otherwise, I've played card games with hubby, ate goodies, drank sparkling cider, binge watched some TV and switched out a load of laundry. Last year I was going crazy cleaning up and "organizing" the house. Now that I have less stuff, there is less to do. And the Christmas Tree is still up. And I'm not freaking out. I'm actually relaxing and not feeling panicked about it.

So please, before you say 2016 was awful or that you know 2017 will be horrible, take a minute and think about it. Did you have good things happen to you? Are you choosing to let what the media, politicians and others dictate how you feel or how you live your life?  Because if so, I think I'll be a little harsh here.  You need to GROW UP! Please take a minute and read the following blog entry written by Jon Katz, who I've followed for a few years.

My Happy New Year: What I Make Of It. No One Can Take It From Me.

I am choosing to be full of Hope, Joy and Faith on this first day of 2017 and I will Try Everything

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