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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Next years Christmas gift ideas.

I know, I know, I'm sorry... it's only December 27, how in the world can I be thinking about Christmas already.

It's simple. Once again, I struggled with Christmas gifts.  I did a lot of homemade stuff which felt great, but I felt kinda "off" when it came down to it.  Then I saw this idea for Christmas socks.  I can make it big or little, just depends on the age and who it's being given too. If it's for someone close to me, I can personalize it with special things like gift cards, etc.  If it's for someone I don't know well, then I can stuff it with candies, scratch-its (if they're old enough) and other fun items.

I'm gonna make a list of everyone I want to do gifts for next year and start buying socks for them that fit who they are or things they love or, gosh, there are just so many ideas.  I think I'll pick myself as an example for you... Here's a pair of socks I'd love.  

Not gonna lie, I'm a Potterhead. I was sorted into Hufflepuff, thank you very much.  Check out the sorting link here at Pottermore. Continuing on a bit with that theme, I'll stuff my sock(s) with a wand (homemade, it's cheaper and it's also more unique), a phone cover *Note: I got myself this cover a couple weeks ago (make sure you know what kind of phone they have)  

Next up, I'd put in one or two of my favorite snacks (I love green olives stuffed with garlic and I'm also a milk chocolate kind of girl).  Top it off with a gift card to either a store that you know I like to shop at locally or maybe since I live in a rural area, an Amazon card is always great. But there are just so many things you can give someone that will a: fit in a sock; b: not be super expensive (I spent $8 on the phone case).

I'm going to start buying socks in January (since obviously my adult children and friends won't out grow them or change their favorite movie, etc) and get a head start on it.

Get a jump on the gift giving for next year.

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