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Monday, November 28, 2016

Sheer dumb luck (Horse, Episode 6)

So about a year ago my youngest messages me and tells me she wants to try out for Rodeo Court.  Huh, I say?  You haven't ridden in years and you've never gone faster than a trot?  She doesn't care, she wants to try out.

So I get some names and phone numbers from horse friends and leave some messages.  None of them call back... So I google "horse lessons in Corvallis" and a list of stables pop up. Riverbottom Stables is partway down.  I like the name, so I call and leave a message and this nice lady named Lynn responds. Youngest gets lessons scheduled and starts practicing.  Fast forward, she didn't make rodeo court, she fell off the horse in the middle of tryouts and was sooooo mad at me (different story).

(Youngest decided maybe Rodeo Court wasn't for her, but she is now Oregon's Miss United States Agriculture). Here is a picture of her meeting Miss Rodeo Oregon 2016 Katie Schrock.)

Lynn had been very supportive of the youngest and we'd kept in touch via facebook.  I stopped by the stable on one of my trips up to Corvallis to meet her, got a great hug. A couple months later youngest calls, wants to buy a horse. We found a horse, Lynn was nice enough to drive 5 hours round trip to pick him up and haul him to her stable. He came home a week later and then in September went back up to her stable. Lynn picked him up when she came down to buy our mini bull.  Youngest is now cleaning stall to pay for his board. She's also meeting Oregon Rodeo Royalty (Lynn is pretty well known in horse and rodeo court circles) and learning a lot about horses by working for Riverbottom Stables and Lynn.

I discovered that I really wanted to start riding again (after youngest's horse left) so I got one for myself.  He's a good boy but needs a bit more training for me to feel successful. I asked Lynn about what style of bit I should use on him (did I mention she and her husband own a tack store next to the stable? Check out The Tack Box on facebook)  I had found a couple of the most adorable miniature horses that needed a home, but hubby wouldn't let me have them.  I told Lynn about them. She wanted them.  She messaged me and told me when she came through to pick up the mini's, she'd take my boy back up with her and work on him for me.

I rode with her to get the minis.  We chatted about lots of things... politics, rodeos, horses, football (Civil War game between Oregon State and Oregon was happening, and yes, Beavers won! Woo hoo). She dropped me off and headed back, 5-6 long hours in the pouring rain, in the dark.  Sent me a picture to let me know my boy is settled in.  Oh, and guess what... we're going into the cattle business together. LOL I'm making the deal, hopefully, and she'll go pick them up.

Professor McGonagall - awarded 5 points FOR SHEER DUMB LUCK

So why did I just tell you this story?  Because of of sheer dumb luck, I found this great lady through a google search.  I just looked at her photos on facebook and now realize that I should be totally intimidated and I'll probably never get the guts to get on my boy and plod around the arena with her there.  But I do believe that things happen for a reason.  Maybe that reason was so that my kid had a place to board her horse, maybe it was so I could sell our beef calf, or maybe, just maybe it is because I needed someone like her in my life?  No matter why, thank goodness for luck. Because Lynn Honey and Riverbottom Stables are amazing.  Also, please take a minute and check out the pages I've linked in this post.  If you would "like" them, that'd be even better.

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  1. A great story! It's always so interesting the way things can turn out. I find the best things in my life seem to have been happenstantial. Makes life more interesting than thinking we can always carefully plan things out. :)