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Thursday, November 10, 2016

I just can't...

go where the social media onslaught is going.  I've worn myself out thinking how I should reply to posts I see on my friends pages.  I choose not to reply.  I've posted a couple of thoughts, unfriended an author/homesteader whom I had followed, respected and supported for years.  They posted "if you voted third party, unfollow me now".  So I did, along with unfollowing her blog.  I did respond saying that if you feel this way then I will leave, I voted with my heart and my conscience.

I don't care how you voted.  I don't care about your sexual preferences, your religious beliefs, your language, your skin color, any of it.  But if someone truly believes they can tell me that I was wrong to vote the way I wanted, then I can't change that.  But I don't need to react in anger or lash out.

Today, love your family, hug your dog/cat/goat/etc, turn away from the violence, the hatred and the pain.  Say hello to your neighbor, send a card to a relative, buy the guy behind you in line a coffee. Don't let other people's poor behavior give you a reason to react.

This was given to me early in my sobriety. I think everyone in our country needs to read it right now...

Fill your life with Hope, Joy and Faith.

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