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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Relaxing (Horse, Episode 4)

I went to town yesterday afternoon to feed Chi.  He's staying at our local fairgrounds right now and after 4 days I've remembered why I don't want to keep a horse there. Don't get me wrong, there is a covered arena, he has a big 16'x 16' paddock/stall and I don't have to worry about him being in mud and weather.  But the one thing I forgot is that I have to go there two times a day to take care of him.  And unfortunately I'm usually in a hurry so I'm not spending any quality time with him.  Also, he just stands around stares at the cows in the next stall.  Nothing to entertain him. Needless to say, I'm gonna borrow a trailer and bring him home in the next day or so.

I had a rather stressful day emotion-wise yesterday.  I had taken a nap and woke up remembering I needed to go to town to feed him. I already had cancelled all the farm chores I needed to do because of my low-energy level.  Ugh!

I turned him loose in the arena to run while I fed and watered him.  He didn't run, just wandered around. I decided to be brave and after I caught him (we are still working on that being a thing) I tied his lead rope to his halter and led him to the mounting block. Of course he wouldn't stand, so I had to stretch and lean  and slide onto his back. He does stand really well, I love that.  We wandered around one end of the arena for a little while, chatted with some friends who were there feeding their horses, got them to take a picture to prove it and just chilled.

I put him away, drove home and discovered that my energy was back. Just that short time with him renewed me. Now I will tell you that part of that is the fact that I gave myself permission to not rush through feeding him.  I could have run in and fed and been back home in 20 minutes round-trip. I didn't do that.  I hopped on bareback and proved to myself that I wasn't letting fear dictate my life.  And yes, I'd have gotten the energy back even with a 20 minute walk with the dog.

Give yourself permission to take your time, especially on the things you like to do...

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  1. That is an excellent point and reminder. It is so easy to feel rushed and in a hurry. You are so right that it's a choice and that sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to slow down and enjoy life!