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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friends I haven't met yet...

Friends I haven't met yet... strange thought, right?  I mean, as a kid I had pen pals, (not very many and not for very long, I wasn't good at responding.  I'd start the letter and then never finish it. Find it later and throw it away and start another, and so on.

Years later (I'm gonna be 53 in a couple weeks, you do the math) I discovered the internet.  Blogs written by people that I wanted to be like. They shared their lives through pictures and words on the internet.  They were across the country from me (or in one instance, 3 hours and I still haven't met her).  They seemed very interesting, unique and so I started "following" their blogs (not stalking, it's two different things, really). Now and then I would comment on the blogs.  I was always really excited when they responded to me... woah! Then one of them asked me to help write "blogs" about reusing things that others considered trash (see Girls Gone Trashy).  That was so fun, Marci. We need to start it back up. One of them mailed me a beautiful set of pot holders and another sent me a beautiful hand-knit scarf in my favorite colors when I had written a post about going through a rough patch emotionally.  One of them gardens, has two amazing sons, is a military wife who's husband used to live in Oregon and she likes to see pictures of Bella (my dog)

I tried to find a way to describe my relationship with these incredible women.  They weren't childhood friends I had reconnected with, they weren't people who I had met briefly and then they moved or anything similar.  Yet, through the magic of the computer and www.blogger.com, we were friends.  I connected with a few of them on other social media sites (yes, Facebook) and that added an increased bond because we were able to catch glimpses of each other's daily lives.  

I just want to say, for the record, that I know I have some good friends out there in cyberspace.  I just haven't met them yet. Maybe, someday, we'll meet across the miles.  And I'll bet we get into a lot of trouble have a lot of fun together.

Read a bit about them on their blogs or facebook business pages and see if you can figure out what drew me to connect with them. Mama Pea at a Home Grown Journal;  Michelle at Boulderneigh; the amazing parts-girl at Sasquatch Cycle Service or at A Homesteading Neophyte; Erin at Garden Now-Think Later!

Then think about what might connect or inspire you mentally, spiritually, lifestyle-wise or just for fun and browse some blogs.  You might make some friends you haven't met yet.

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  1. I feel the same way! I'm so glad that FB was there while I went through my "lost my muse" stage of blogging. I miss it!