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Friday, June 3, 2016

Use the fancy soap!

Or the good towels or grandma's china or all those other things you're saving for that special time.  I don't have good towels anymore (hubby likes bleach) and I got rid of Grandma's china because we're too rough on our dishes.

But the fancy soap is getting used.  You know the soap I mean, right?  Someone gave you a bar of fancy smelling soap as a gift.  They probably stood in that store or at the farmers market and sniffed every bar, with all the fancy names, like "Orange Sunset" or "Pine Forest Breeze". Made with Oregon rain water, organic goat milk, raw honey, etc.  They are amazing soaps.  They smell amazing and they lather beautifully.

I now buy fancy soap for people as a gift.  It is a necessity in life (there is always dirt) and I take time to find a scent or a type that fits their lifestyle.  Gardener's soap for my farming friends, lotion bars for friends who do a lot of rough work with their hands and beautifully scented soaps for special people.

As a kid and young adult, when I got fancy soap, I'd spend a couple of days smelling it and then tuck it away into a drawer to make my undies and t-shirts smell nice. Or, I'd set them in a decorative basket on the bathroom counter.

Eventually they dry up, lose their smell and while they still get the dirt off your hands and body, they don't lather up nicely.

Recently my mom asked me if I wanted these.  I said yep, because number one, I'll be "frugal (aka cheap)" and use them, number two, someone cared enough to give fancy soap and last but not least, they look sad.

Please, use the fancy soap.  And carry that with you in all aspects of your life. Let it become a life lesson. Don't wait for things to dry up, loose their beauty and their function. That includes you and your soul, your body and your mind. 

With Hope, Joy and Faith for you.

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