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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quit complaining and start making changes.

I bought the local paper yesterday for the first time in a couple years. Now I know why I don't read it anymore. There was a letter from a local "businessman" stirring up trouble saying that our small town city administrator hadn't done a thing to make our community better. He was saying that the city looked trashy and she needed to make things happen.

Hey mister!  I have an idea... it's our community and it's up to us to take pride in it and make it all it can be. People who live here need to step up and take responsibility for how it looks. If you own property (or rent) step outside and look at it, I mean really take a look.  Do you have weeks growing out of cracks in the sidewalk?  Pull them. Are there cigarette butts lying in the parking lot? Pick them up and post a "No Smoking Sign".

Do you have main street property? I know a new paint job costs money, but if you can get the paint, contact me and I'll be there with some friends to help you get it painted. Do you go to our local park?Take a bag and pick up trash. Tell the juvenile delinquents who hang out there to leave and stop vandalizing what belongs to the tax payers.

It used to be that people took pride in where they lived. I'm not saying that there aren't people here who really try to help our little community, but they are few and far between.  Step up and help, be willing to work for the changes you want to see. It's not perfect here, but it can be pretty darn close if everyone would quit complaining and start helping.

Watch this page for upcoming ideas.

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