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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The winds of time are blowing...

And with them come change...

Two weeks ago I sold our meat rabbits (1 buck, 2 does).  Sometime this week 20 some-odd hens and a couple roosters will be moving to a new home.  We'll keep about 12 hens and rooster for our eggs. 
We made the decision that this is our last year raising hogs (we currently have 4, 1 for us, 1 a friend is raising and we are selling 2).  We will keep raising bottle babies (while looking for a miniature beef heifer or two that we will partner with a local vet on).  Two, the ewe who had the C-section and her goat buddy, Iam, will stay with us forever.  We are adding bees (we bought two hives

What's happening?  I'm tired... It's not fun anymore to worry about if I have enough eggs to meet the pre-paid orders.  Even feeding the rabbits was too much work.  My job with 4-H is wonderful, but at the end of the day I'm ready to relax, maybe cook a good dinner and do some sewing.  My dream of a simpler, self-sufficient lifestyle was drifting away.  We couldn't go anywhere for more than a day or so, because we had so many animals to care for that we had a hard time finding someone trustworthy.  I wasn't sure if I was reacting from just having to travel a bunch for work, stress from not getting much done at home or what. I tend to wear myself out and hit bottom.  When I do, I often make split-second decisions that I later regret.  This time, it feels right.  I am looking forward to being able to help others live simpler, instead of having to spend my time making sure that there are enough eggs to sell, that the chicks who got out of the coop get back in, making sure the solar panel for the pig's hotwire is on, etc.

Maybe I'll even get the chance to do some of the writing I've been wanting to do.  A few months back I sold an article to Backwoods Home that was published on-line.  I have a few more brewing in my head and my fingers are itching to get started.  I'm also going to work more regularly on the farm/business website, www.hopejoyandfaithfarm.com.  The blog will be moving over to that in a few months.

Thanks for letting me ramble on and for listening...

Wishing you a week filled with hope, joy and faith.

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