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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the old, in with the new!

I don't know what it is about the year's end, but I feel revitalized, like I can run a marathon! Okay, maybe a half-marathon! Gosh darn it, I will walk to the end of the road.

Anyhow, this New Years Eve, 2014, has been spent eating pizza with the daughters, son-in-law, grandbaby and a lil' one we're babysitting.  Then, watching TV, not the comedy movies we got, because hubby groused about it.  He's being a grump because Lyndsey is leaving for college on Saturday and he is pouting.  Oh well, his mood won't bring my desire for a fresh start to a halt.

We are starting 2015 off with a bang, for the very first time, we are butchering roosters on Saturday.  We did one turkey earlier, but we have 9 young roo's who are eating too much and being too "amorous".  We have a couple of friends coming to help and I must admit, I'm pretty excited.  I'll be letting them rest in the refrigerator overnight and then canning them the next day.  Our freezers are full with a steer, a hog and 3 deer, I'm scared to death something is going to happen and we'll lose all that meat.  Lambs are due soon, we did thin the flock, so we only have two ewes on the farm.  Hoping for easy labors with no pulling involved.

Tomorrow we will finally take down the tree (Lyndsey begged for it to be left up, normally I'm a "day after Christmas" girl).  Then we'll be going with friends to pick up trash at one of the pioneer cemeteries.  A lot of my relatives are buried there, so it'll be fun to show them the headstones and tell the history that I know.  John Silveira (from Backwoods Home fame-I hobnob with the best of them) will be coming with his camera, with his permission I'll share some of the headstone photos. Then we'll stop for cocoa with everyone.  Home to a relaxing afternoon of whatever we want to do, followed by dinner of salami, cheeses, etc.  I had today through Sunday off, so it's a mini vacation.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening and day, no matter how or if you celebrate.

Here's what else that's been happening!

I finally got muck boots! Bright purple, not really what I wanted, but my tiny feet (size 6 is a little big, but it's what I got) are hard to "shoe". I got them today and wore them outside.  It's only 38 here, cold for us, but my legs and feet were warm.

I bought a special birthday gift for a good friend.  I had found her a couple healthy, free dairy goats.  Whoops, turns out one is pregnant, so I figured she might be needing a bander for those little testicles.  I'm about practical gifts, you know...


  1. Love those boots! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog today. I appreciate your thoughts and encouraging words. I just need to set my sights on a new, different life for myself in the years got come.

  2. Love this post! Full of life, meaningful activity, and practical gifts. Happy New Year, my friend!

  3. We planned to butcher roosters on Saturday too, but it's pouring rain today (Friday) and supposed to continue on through tomorrow. My muck boots are plain black but I love them! I'm guessing you'll love yours too. :)

  4. We always butcher our extra roosters, too. Sometimes they look pretty pathetic (I think) when they have lost their purdy feathers (all legs and long body), but they sure do taste good when they appear on our table!

    I think your purple muck boots are adorable. We all need a little more color in our lives!

    Your enthusiasm for the new year is infectious. Let's make it a great one!

  5. I LOVE the colorful boots. And the very practical gift!