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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just some pictures!

 Did I already show you this picture of Lyndsey, our auctioneer and the young man she awarded her best breeding ewe to at the Auction.  The young guy was speechless and Lyndsey was just so happy to see his reaction.

Lyndsey and one of her friends at her very first college football games.  Lyndsey doesn't really care for football, but she got good seats in the second row at the 20 yard line and had a ball. Go Beavs!

Austin is now almost 8 months old (how'd that happen?). He really liked the opportunity to chew onapples when we were picking this summer.

Bella has decided that this space is now hers.  She pushed the step-stool I had stored there for kids to sit on out of the shelf and climbed in.

I was able to participate in one farmers market this year.  Here's a picture of a few of the pumpkins, apples and squash we harvested.

And since Halloween is getting close, here's my cat Shadow, in another alcove.  You should have heard me scream when I reached in the basket to get a blanket and encountered a warm, breathing thing!

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