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Friday, August 1, 2014

Being brave!

July 22! I am taking a big step right now, putting myself out there and waiting to see what happens. I am not disclosing it yet, but I have to believe it will happen if it's meant to!  Got the hubby's support and encouragement. Life is to be lived and you'll never know if you don't try, right?

I started this a few weeks ago, and obviously dropped the ball, plus someone hacked my e-mail and I lost access to everything for awhile. Grrrr...

But on June 21, I applied for a new job at the OSU Extension Office in our county, as the new Education Program Assistant for 4-H.  I've been volunteering for years.  I almost didn't apply because I didn't want them to A: hire me because they felt they had too, or B: Not hire me (that'd really hurt).

Guess what?  My first official day was July 7, 2014.  Two days later I was headed up with the rest of the staff and counselors for 4-H Camp.  I got paid (with overtime) for something I have always volunteered for.  Five days later, back home, one day off to recover, then helping get ready for fair.  Worked all of fair (overtime again), and it was bittersweet. So wonderful to be paid for something I've always volunteered for, but sad because it was Lyndsey's last year as a 4-H member. 

My co-workers and I (note who is old and who isn't?)

Needless to day, as her momma, I gotta brag! She kicked butt! She entered her 4-H project entries on her own, because I was busy working.  She got the Super 4-Her award 4th year running, champion and grand champion on many things, livestock, food preservation, crocheting, etc.  And most awesome, Grand Champion Market Lamb out of 15 lambs (on the replacement she bought after both her market wethers got killed by the cougar.) The lamb who took Grand Champion was out of the first ram lamb ever born on our property, so he was still part of her flock.  Her ewe lamb took Grand Champion overall ewe. That was out of only 8 ewes, but that's not bad.  She got $14 a pound on her market lamb at auction, making $2300.  That is the most we've ever gotten here on a lamb! Wow!  Part of that success was due to her sob story about the cougars and the fact that right before her lamb auctioned, she donated a prize-winning ewe to a fellow club member who'd lost his ewe to a bear.  Her first breeding ewe was donated to her 5 years ago and she wants the tradition to continue.
Her hog got $5.25 a lb, which is a good price here.  The auction was a success. The only mom that wasn't happy with the prices was the one who didn't understand you need more than one bidder on a steer to buy together, and we've explained that too her so many times.

Lyndsey, Krennan, Bieste (the ewe) and the auctioneer (spotter in the back)
during the presentation of the ewe.

Anyhow, after so much time away from the farm, this weekend will be spent picking, canning and dehydrating to be ready for winter.  We already have leaves falling on the maple and blackberries ready to pick which is early here. Makes me nervous. Time to batten the hatches, I guess.  I will be also keeping an eye on one of the ewes who I have spent the last two days tubing for Bloat.  Another thing to add to my "learned farm skills list".  I really thought we were gonna lose her.  Plus we will be turning the ram in with the ewes tonight. Wow, it's busy!

Lyndsey will be moving to Corvallis in late September.  That's going to be hard, not having her here.  She just started an new job at the circuit court, scanning documents for $1900 a month for two months, which she can't complain about.  Oh, another benefit of the job, besides it being something I love, is that she'll get a 70% tuition discount at OSU because I am now an employee.  We have to pay taxes on that amount, but I can manage that.

Anyway, that's it for now (on my break, but wanted to let you know I'm in the land of the living).  More pictures soon!


  1. Wow, congrats on all the good news, and good to hear from you :)

  2. Wow! Big, big congrats to both you and your daughter! You go, girl!! You know you're going to be such a big success at your "new" job.

  3. What wonderful news, Ruth! I had been hoping the silence was because you were so darn busy! And Lyndsey! Isn't she the bee's knees? You all must be very proud. Just be sure to pop up every now and then so we can keep track of you!