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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pictures and such!

Just some pictures of what's been going on around the farm!

Met Mac (short for Big Mac) He's a pretty cute boy!

And he did figure out the bottle, yay!

A Pinterest hint I found.  Now I don't have to worry about setting the salt down and getting the container wet.

I love this saying!

My first attempt at t-shirt crocheting.  It ruffled and looks strange, but it captures the dog dribbles quite nicely.

A "grandma" blanket made by a friend of mine for ME! Austin gets to be wrapped in it when he comes to visit us, it's not gonna go home with him.  I love the print, it's perfect!

The new Suffolk ewe lamb we bought for the Farm Pink Breeding Flock (Lyndsey's flock). I met the lady on Facebook, through the lady in the picture below, who I met via Craigslist when I sold her a Suffolk Ram lamb 3 years ago. 

I can truly say that I have made some great friendships through social networks.  And it's extra special when I get to meet them.

My friend, John Silveira (think Backwoods Home) wrote this book and I was lucky enough to get to proofread it before it was published.  It's on Amazon!

And when Lyndsey bought me a copy last week and got John to sign it, I was so excited.  Then I read the "acknowledgements" and I got even more excited... woo I feel famous!

I also saw these on pinterest and am going to to make them tonight:


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  1. All kinda neat things going on around your place! Regarding the blurb from the Old Farmer's Almanac, substitute "homesteader" for "farmer" and that's true also!

    Have a great week, Ruth!