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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Friends I hadn't met yet!

I love blogging and facebook.  I have "met" so many wonderful people through my compute tr.  It is always a wonderful experience when I can meet them in real life.  It's only happened a few times, but I come away feeling great.

3 years ago I sold a ram lamb (through a craigslist ad) to Kat, who lives about 4 hours away.  Through that sale, I friend-ed her on facebook and met another "sheep" person, Sue, who raises and sells Suffolks.

Today, Steve and I drove 4 hours to pick up a new ewe lamb for Lyndsey's breeding flock, Farm Pink.  Along with obtaining a beautiful young lamb, I got to meet Sue (from Peterson Show Lambs) and her daughter.  Kat had also driven a short distance to say hello.

Kat and I

Cupid, myself, Sue and her daughter.

Hugs were exchanged, with Steve even getting one.  (He wasn't quite sure of that).  I think it's wonderful that I can feel so close to other people who love gardening, farming, animals, and are just good people.  Michelle from Boulderneigh is on my list to visit one of these days.  Thanks for being my friends.

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  1. What fun! Even if we never do manage to meet those we've gotten to know through the computer, blogging, etc., haven't we gained so much in friendship via the Internet that we would never had had the chance of doing 20 years ago?

    Great pictures!