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Friday, March 14, 2014

Do you have a dream?

I have come to realize how I have had dreams I've never named, never allowed myself to consider. I am 50 years old, my youngest child graduates high school this year and I'm a grandmother! Am I too old to start dreaming?

I heard about this book that tells a story of how a couple started living their dream. They bought 5 acres and started, with hard work and desire, to live their dream. Maybe by reading their story, I can find my dream and follow it.

5 Acres and A Dream


  1. What a simply beautiful lead-in to Leigh's fantastic book. (Maybe it's 'cause it's so early this morning and I haven't had any caffeine, but your lovely post made me tear up!)

  2. Ruth,
    That is such a great book and Blog! I have been a fan of Leigh's and Dan for quite some time and she just makes me want to go out and tackle all the Homesteading I can! I love this Lady and her way of looking at what she has to work with. AND SHE IS DOING IT and So CAN YOU!