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Monday, February 3, 2014

Lambing season 2014 closed!

Beiste had her babies, good sized twin rams, Friday night.  Once again though, unfortunately, I had to help.  She labored for a couple hours, and I could see feet, but she never seemed to get the urge to push.  So, after a small argument discussion with hubby, I gloved up and went in.  This time I had to put my whole hand in up to my wrist.  She was grateful.  The first boy was trying to get up less than 5 minutes after being born.   Strong little man.  Once again, 15 minutes later, still no pushing and just a tiny view of the hooves.  So went "diving" again and popped the second guy out. Another strong one who didn't want to wait for momma to clean him off.  No more lambs (I checked).  Babies nursing good, and off to bed we all went.

So lambing stats for this year:

3 sets of twins (2 sets boy and 1 set girl)
1 single ram lamb (now a bottle baby)

Helped with 1st of one set of twins (other shot out on his own), helped with single, and helped with last set of twins.  Other set of twins born out in the pen with no assistance, and ewe is being a great momma (she was our bad mom last year).

Lost one ewe, sadness still being felt.  I feel like I failed her somehow.

But every year I learn something new and gain confidence.  It's good for me! And I love baby lambs!


  1. Whew! You must feel relief that your lambing season is over. I admire your ability to jump in and "help" the mommas when needed. Sometimes I wonder how any animal (maybe humans included!) ever makes it through the birthing process without some kind of help!

  2. We have one ewe that always has trouble pushing and has to have help. The lambs she has are always big and strong and don't seem any the worse for the ordeal.
    It is always a question of do I or don't I as to helping. How long to let them try on their own? Experience helps that's for sure.

  3. Congrats on seven healthy lambs! Still waiting here. Annabelle is just starting to develop an udder; Marta is acting unwell. :-/