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Monday, January 20, 2014

When life bites you, duck?

I am cursed to have weird animal things happen to me! (remember the pot-bellied pig attack?) Today I went to the livestock pavillion with a co-worker on a work-related assignment. As I stepped out of the car, the cutest, chubbiest little duck waddled up to me quacking loudly. I said "oh, aren't you sweet?" and bent down to pet him. The little a** bit me! Hard! I mean, he left a mark! I moved away, calling him bad names. The co-worker, needless to say, enjoyed it way to much! Then the little beast started, um, trying to procreate on my leg. I didn't kick him, using great restraint! When we stopped at the 4-H office and I told them my story, they were so concerned and worried! How sweet! Wait, turns out they were worried about the DUCK! Maybe he was a Oregon Duck (college in Eugene, Oregon) and knows I cheer for the Oregon State Beavers (college in Corvallis, Oregon). Anyway, the ladies in the office all seemed to enjoy hearing my story, I think? (the laughter was a clue.) I contacted my boss and told her I believe this warrants hazard pay? Or counseling for the trauma?

I think I'll find the little guy a girlfriend, or two, otherwise I may never go near the fairgrounds again.


  1. Geesh! I hope he's a little nicer to his duck girlfriends! Could he pose a real problem, though, to little kids who might come into contact with him? That would be too bad . . .

  2. Ruth,
    OMG! I'm sorry that he bit you, but you have to see the humor in it!? Sorry, LOL!!! A little Duck picking on a grown woman. I'm so glad you didn't kick him, no telling what he might have done to you if you had! I can see the headlines now..".WOMAN KICKS QYACKER at the Fairgrounds". Sorry, I just have this picture in my head.

  3. I don't know; if he's THAT rough on his "love interests," I don't think he DESERVES a girlfriend! She'd want a restraining order!