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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sheep friends: Suggestions

Any ideas?  Poor Stacie (Lyndsey's oldest ewe) is not doing well.  About a day ago, she started acting strangely, back humped, rapid breathing.  Yesterday she could barely maintain her balance and had the runs. This morning she is almost "hiccup" breathing.  She had her large single on Wednesday night, and tho I had to pull the front feet slightly and tip the nose, it wasn't a "reach in and pull" situation. She did eat a little "butterfly" bush accidentally the other day.  The other ewe was acting similar but after a dose or two of injectible antibiotic and some pepto is fine.  Stacie is about nine years old now.  I don't think there was a second lamb that is stuck, as she stopped laboring immediately and seemed fine.  We never saw the placenta, but we did go to bed after about 2 hours when baby was nursing.  Normally she disposes of the placenta herself.  She has never had problems.  Baby is doing fine. I finally found my thermometer (next year it will be in the lambing kit) and will be taking her temp shortly.

I'm calling our 4-H vet when they open, but at this point cannot do a vet call (financial reasons).  I spoke to our shearer yesterday who suggested a uterine bolus so I am going to get some today from the vet.  There is also a long-time sheep person in our area that I am calling today.  I don't care if she lambs again, I just don't want to lose her. We love her dearly.

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