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Friday, January 3, 2014

Mother Nature is in a baaaadddd mood.

I hope all of my "puter" friends are safe and warm. I can't even imagine being in that kind of cold. A few weeks ago it got down to 22 degrees F here and we were all "shivering" and complaining. It's a little disconcerting to think about the odd weather hitting the earth. Normally here on the southern Oregon coast, this time of year we are in the middle of a never-ending barrage of wind and rain. We are down 38" on our rain totals this water year. That means fire-danger and drought conditions. Our water comes from a spring. We haven't run out in years, but we'll have to be cautious about usage this year, I bet. I can't say I miss the rain, but I'm nervous. When I am outside doing farm chores, getting ready for "winter", it feels "off". Does that make sense? It almost makes me itch! Something is not right. The only benefit is that there is a chance that the 4 ladies (ewes) will deliver in possible dry conditions and that is a lot easier me. The weather certainly affects the farmer!

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