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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just some pictures!

I love looking at pictures posted by my blog friends... I love seeing the parts of their life that they share with us. Then I realized, I don't post enough, pretty much due to sheer laziness, as my 'puter is slowly dying and I have to take a picture with my phone and then e-mail them or post them to Facebook first, then upload them. The laziness stops today! Here are a few pictures of what goes on in my life...

This is a sign that is currently placed about 15 miles south of our town.  People have been joking about it, laughing that "only in Curry County".  It is pretty funny, right?

However, last night, the next picture is what is "on the road".  My daughter, Kaitlyn and her husband Justin, almost broadsided this big boy last night on their way home from their prenatal visit.  No one will claim the cattle, and the Dept. of Agriculture says that they are going to "round them up".  Hopefully it is before someone is badly hurt or killed.

Dinner a couple nights ago...This was a totally free dinner.  A "fresh" (if you get my drift) chicken, slowcooked in a crockpot all day, red and yellow potatoes that were brought to us for "animal feed" from a local food bank.  They routinely bring us expired salad mixes, old fruit, expired milk, spoiled vegetables that I give to the chickens and sheep. What is sad is that a bunch of it is still usable! A few weeks ago I dehydrated almost 5 lbs of perfectly good carrots.  This week it was almost 10 pounds of small potatoes that weren't even squishy.  The waste is so unnecessary, but people are too lazy or don't know how to prepare real food any more.  Anyway, the last thing on the menu was applesauce that a friend sent us for Christmas.  The funny thing is it is made from apples that she bought me from me and her mom took to her, over 300 miles away.  

Mason feel asleep the other night... it was funny because we were sitting watching TV and heard snoring.  I looked over and Mason had slid off the couch and was sound asleep, face first in a pillow. 

He continued to sleep for about 30 minutes, it was hilarious.

Our newest rescue, who hopefully is going to a new home tomorrow.  It was a bad situation, and I won't go into details, because it concerns a friend and I have mixed emotions on how to handle it.  She is cute, but she is a "jumper", so she's hanging out with the chickens in a 6' tall fenced chicken yards.

Robin, who's been here at the house for about a month, recovering from a cough.  Today she went back out to the pasture where she'll live with her "brother", Batman, a steer calf bought at the same time.

Next batch of pictures will hopefully be of the lambs.  All four ewes are very big, and hopefully will lamb close together!

Hope you are all doing well!


  1. That dog snoozing is hilarious!

  2. I understand it's a hassle for you but I love seeing your pictures. When we lived in Illinois, we had to be careful at night because of runaway cows or horses. Up here in the north woods, of course, it's deer and moose.

    You're right, so much food is wasted in our country. It is a terrible travesty with so many people going hungry. But it is a case of people not knowing how to cook anymore. (Or being too lazy to try.)

    That shot of Mason with his face smooshed in the pillow is priceless. If you had taken a video of that and him snoring it would have gone viral.

  3. Love that, Wild Cows! You would think that whoever owns them would 'fess up, as it takes a long time and a lot of feed to get a steer to that size. Someone will benefit. I agree about the wasted food. In my state, you are not allowed to use the wasted food. It goes straight into a sealed dumpster. Now THAT is criminal. I used to get boxes of produce for my hens. It's crazy.