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Sunday, January 26, 2014

(Farm) life goes on!

Sydney had twin ewe lambs this morning.  Small lil' girls compared to Two's twin rams and Stacie's single, but I'm thrilled.  Sydney was the first-time momma last year who's ram was so big that it took a lot of work get him out.  The ewe that followed was really small.  She ended up refusing to nurse him unless we tied her up.  He didn't grow well and his sister quickly outgrew him.

I was so nervous that she'd have problems again this year with a stuck lamb, and that I wouldn't be there to help.  We checked last night and no sign of anything going on.  This morning, both babies were on the ground in the lean-to when Steve went to feed.  We moved the family up to the lambing stall and left them pretty much alone.  They took a while to get up, their legs were sooo long, they kept getting t angled.  Both are nursing well and she's loving on both of them.  Yay!  Happy dance.

One more ewe to go, Beiste (named after Coach Beiste on Glee).  We moved her up to the other stall tonight. She's large and pretty uncomfortable.  Last year she had trips and the last one didn't make it, so we are wanting to be there just in case.

Stacie's little guy is now at Krennan's house.  Krennan is one of my 4-H member's.  He'll be raised on a bottle as a market lamb.  I'm hoping he grows good.  He was good sized at birth and had 5 days on momma before we lost her, so he had a great start. I decided with working full-time I just didn't have the time to make Two feed him with her other's (holding her against a wall took to much time.) I have tons of frozen goats milk, but just don't have the energy to bottle feed right now.  It worked out well for all of us.  I do miss Stacie's sweet face.

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  1. Congrats on the new babies. It's got to be an exhausting time getting all of your ewes through this birthing period. Bottle feeding while you're working full time off the homestead would be impossible.