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Thursday, December 26, 2013

I love the holidays! Thank goodness they are almost over!

I was much more prepared this year than normal. Cut back on gift buying, gave more homemade or needed, rather than "junk"; planned food gifts ahead of time, though I cooked too much again; and only had to wrap a gift or two on Christmas eve. Had the usual stressful, too much food, and extended family that don't care for each other Christmas eve and Christmas day meals (which my mother, bless her heart, refuses to change. It still felt overwhelming, so I'm making a list tomorrow of what I need to re-think for next year. Got the tree undecorated tonight, so it can go outside tomorrow evening, leaving a huge trail of needles behind it. I was able to sort, get rid of and repack the decorations neatly enough to go down to only 3 rubbermaid tubs (including lights) instead of 5! I love it when the house looks clean and fresh again, and the time for what feels like a new start is upon me. I don't make lots of resolutions anymore. Instead I set mini ones, and tackle them a few days at a time, plus keep a running list of want and need to-do's around the house and farm. As they get done, they get marked off. Another way to keep track of my progress. Had my middle daughter, Michelle and her boyfriend down for a couple of days. Lyndsey and her are pretty close, even 7 years apart, so that is pretty fun to watch. Kaitlyn and her husband are up at his parents. She found out a couple of weeks ago she has gestational diabetes (luckily later in the pregnancy) so she's been pretty nervous. She has been very anxious and pretty needy, surprisingly. I worked for a mid-wife, so while not an expert, I'm pretty knowledgeable, and hope I can be reassuring, rather than being bossy. Sometimes, as a mom, I am not as empathetic as I should be. Got some great gifts: new rubber boots for feeding and checking the sheep (invaluable on the Oregon coast), some fingerless gloves with mittens that fold over, a thermometer with an outside "gauge" that reads in the house and my favorite, from Michelle, a key chain with the farm logo that Michelle designed and had placed into a beautiful "copper" type locket. (Picture to come) Our weather has been very unseasonable, (cool and clear) and it is welcome in that I can get a bunch of winter prep done, and with lambs coming due soon, I'd rather have them born when the rain isn't blowing sideways. On the other hand, is it an indication of drought conditions this summer? I can't control it any way I look at it, so I guess I'll just go with the flow and "make hay while the sun shines..." Happy Holidays to all!

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  1. Wow, you don't give your tree a chance to dry out, do you! Hope it was merry!