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Monday, December 2, 2013

A good day...

Things have been okay lately... Some money stress, well, yes! I'd love a Christmas miracle of $1500 to get out of the "two-week behind on everything, adding late fees to it" and getting little stocked up on groceries, but I don't think that'll happen. About a year ago I got behind on our monthly bills and haven't been able to get caught up. It's ironic since we only have the mortgage, car insurance,cell phone, cable/internet (which I'm working on getting down to just internet) and two small loans that I would be behind on all of it except the mortgage. I was talking to a friend and they said "well if it's only that much you need, just catch up..." easier said than done. Of course, this is the person who inherited their property and I don't think they've ever gotten behind. But enough about that, because really... I've decided to simplify Christmas this year and feeling much better about it. Homemade or small-shop-in-town consumable purchase for everyone on my list. And I've shrunk the list... It was one thing to buy for nieces and nephews when they were small and easily satisfied, but when they are old enough to have children of their own, on the state system and use their tax return to get a new tattoo, they can be off the list. Or if they are teens who have parents that buy them the newest techno gadget, they won't be thrilled with a book from an aunt that they really don't acknowledge anyway (and I live next door). Instead, I have adult children who I can help with things they really need (one daughter is getting glass bowls with lids for food storage in the fridge and a new hot water bottle). I am also going to give the goodies and jams and jellies a couple weeks before Christmas. That way the days before can be spent relaxing instead of a baking frenzy! The only cards I will send are to my sister who lives in an assisted living facility and people that need cards (through The Angel Card Project) I discovered them last year and my 4-H club and I sent out a lot of cards and felt great. I also signed my sister up to receive cards from them and she loved it... she said her mail box was stuffed full! I'm downsizing decorations and sorted through with Lyndsey to get rid of those that didn't have an emotional attachment and it feels great. Also, today I found out I won a drawing at one of my favorite blog friends, Michelle at Boulderneigh a beautiful on-line advent calendar by Jacquie Lawson. I had fun tonight just playing with it (it has puzzles, etc, built into it). I went to the post office, and along with all the depressing bills, I got an envelope that I could tell contained a rewards coupon from our feed and hardware store. We routinely get $5 and $10 off coupons, so I waited to open it. When I did, wow... it was such a blessing. It was $93...now that is 4 bales of alfalfa and a bag of chicken feed, or 2 bales alfalfa and a bag of dog food, or 1 bale of alfalfa and flea meds for the dogs (Bella is miserable right now). So many hard choices, but a good hard choice to have to make. It helps me ease my troubled mind on finances a bit... Thanks for listening. Even though I'm stressed re: money, sharing it with you and getting some happy surprises really makes it a good day!


  1. Glad to be able to add a little holiday cheer!

  2. My daughter and I have always exchanged gifts like you are giving your one daughter . . . new measuring cups or a mixing bowl or a set of 4 individual casserole dishes that can go from freezer to oven. And we both couldn't be happier. Things like that may seem dull and boring to some people, but treats for others. Bella will love the practicality of her flea meds, too!

  3. Our family found it a big relief to be done with gift-giving. We share useful gifts on birthdays instead.