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Monday, November 4, 2013

Hunting season a success!

Well, not necessarily in terms of meat for the freezer (though Steve got a nice buck early in the season), but memories were made with father and daughter that they will treasure forever. This last weekend I went out of town with my mother and sister (we hit a couple of Oregon Casinos and I got to spend time with my middle daughter who I don't see often enough). Lyndsey was groaning a bit, typical teenaged daughter-stuff... "Mom, he's gonna want me to go hunting with him... He's going to want to "bond" with me... He's going to make stupid jokes...". The usual routine. Turns out they went out to dinner, he cooked dinner for her one night, they went hunting and took silly pictures, (didn't see any bucks, but that sounded pretty common this year) and teased each other unmercifully. I'm proud of them both... Steve takes Lyndsey's attitudes way to personally these days and Lyndsey has a hard time accepting her father's somewhat "suffocating" love of her. It was good for them to have to be alone without me! The woods have a way of softening the emotions and I'm grateful for that.

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  1. Yep, it's definitely a good idea for mom to step out of the relationship of daughter and dad some times. (Ask me how I know . . . ) :o}