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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A simpler time...

I don't really know why I choose the "title" I did. Years ago, if you were a hard worker, you got a job, you were paid and promoted and rewarded and if you liked the job, you kept the job. People weren't afraid to work hard and get dirty. Even the jobs I worked at that were considered "beneath others" I worked hard at and took pride in myself. Nowadays, it seems like very few people will work those jobs. Everyone wants the great job, high pay and no responsibility. The few that are hard-working and earnest enough to get their hands dirty are given low-pay, no praise and kept to minimum hours so they can't get ahead. Where am I going with this? I am a mom who is so proud of her daughters! They all got jobs while in high school. My youngest worked 3 jobs this summer! Not one, BUT three! My oldest worked all through college, maintaining a 4.0 GPA while tutoring athletes and working at a credit union. My middle daughter, who lives in the Portland, Oregon area, has struggled to find work that she could do around her college schedule. After postponing college because of financial struggles, she got a job as a barista in the coffee portion of a Borders bookstore. With perserverance, she got into the bookstore part of it. To a book lover like her, this was a job from heaven. Of course, Border's closed. She went to work for Blockbuster, which was close to her apartment, so if her clunker of a vehicle broke down, she could walk. She wasn't thrilled with the position, because it was erratic and low hours, so she found another job at an educational store called The Learning Palace. It was a great job as far as hours go, and a day shift so she wasn't out at night. It closed... So, back to Blockbuster she went. They had realized she was a valuable worker so she was getting more hours and better treatment. Well, if you've seen the news, you know that Blockbuster is closing. She got the news today. If she stays til the end, they'll pay $2 more an hour and give her two weeks of pay after they close. I know that retail is getting tougher and tougher. People who shop the middle-priced shops can't afford to spend money, it's easier and cheaper to shop on-line, and so businesses that do face-to-face stuff are closing. Now, once again, as a momma I am worried for my Michelle. She's a hard worker, right now all she wants is to be able to pay her living expenses and enjoy a few treats now and then... But jobs and employment isn't that simple anymore! Because we struggle with finances I am not in a position where I can help her. So, I'll worry and try to support her from afar! 6 hours away makes it hard to help out! I wish sometimes I could wave a a magic wand!


  1. It's simply not fair anymore to the people, young and older, who are honest, conscientious, hard workers. It's not like it used to be when having those qualities were admired and a surefire way to success. I really feel sad for our younger generation (like our daughters and sons) and the society in which they have to function. Your daughter will make it. (As will mine.) It's just more difficult for them these days.

  2. Last year, we had a flood and I needed the crawlspace repaired, drained, pumped, and the ground cover replaced. I called around and there's only one company in our area who does that work and he was booked for three months. He said "young people just don't want to do this kind of work anymore."

  3. ...and no matter how much they grow up, it's hard to watch your babies struggle. She'll be fine...