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Sunday, October 27, 2013

When others spoil it for me!

I get mad, pissed off, irritated... This is what I posted on my facebook page today "To my fellow hunters: I like to hunt, but a huge part of it is being immersed in the beauty of our woods. We have beautiful little creeks, huge rocks with moss dripping off them, colors of orange, yellow and red in the leaves. However, a few of you insist on tossing your beverage containers (95% of which are beer cans and bottles) alongside the road. I try to pick up what I can, but it doesn't help when you just toss out another one. If you are drinking while you are hunting, my guess is there is a couple of other laws you are breaking along with the beer. Also, why do you have to leave big piles of toilet paper right alongside the road? Come on, quit spoiling it for the rest of us!" I have a bunch of locals who hunt around here, maybe some of them will see it, and if it's not them, maybe it's someone they know. It's more than likely just the local drunks and teens who aren't really in it for the hunt... it's about the bragging, the illegal side of it that they participate in! Grrrr...


  1. Unfortunately, being a "hunter" does not make one a respectful, considerate or lawful person. Scum and lazy dirtbags seem to abound. It's just unfortunate that they decide to pick up a firearm during their trash-making sessions.

    1. "Unfortunate"? I'd say it's downright SCARY!