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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue butts and borage question...

We like blue butts and we cannot lie...

Mojo was put in with the ewes August 2nd, but I didn't have any crayons for his marking harness.  I had putt off ordering one, so for the first three weeks, I don't know who may have gotten "lucky" or not.  I got the crayon the day that a ewe that was being brought from California to meet the "main man".  So, I put it on (let's not even talk about the complexities of putting on a marking harness) and needless to say, within a day or two, it was pretty obvious he is doing his job.

As you can see from these pictures, Mojo is growing up.  He's still a very sweet boy, though of course when he's in with the ladies, he gets a little "assertive".  A squirt gun handles that problem quite nicely.

So my borage question... Does anyone know if it is safe for sheep to eat borage.  I know chickens can, but I googled it and can't find anything about sheep.  I planted it for my bees and it has gone crazy.  I am pulling it like crazy, and thought I'd like to through it to the sheep, but am not sure...  Help me out if you can??

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  1. I found one web site on borage and uses as a herb but says nursing women should avoid it, so I would be careful in regards to letting bred ewes have access to it.

    If you don't have a crayon for your harness you can always take colored chalk and rub on the rams chest to at least have a clue.