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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bittersweet end to summer!

This summer has flown by... the garden growing, all the hectic lead-up to fair, then fair... then the aftermath, the garden and fruit trees starting to produce, sheep breeding season, then my eager waiting to go spend a few days at the 4-H youth camp I used to attend growing up and have visited and helped at every year for the last 15 years.  

This year I was going to spend the whole 5 days up there on a mini-vacation.  Alas, a forest fire managed to cancel it.  The fire wasn't close enough to threaten the camp, but the smoke overload could have caused some health issues, so... I was sad and bummed about some relaxing time off fading away.  I still took a three day weekend and spent it doing odds and ends of chores, shopping at a local "rummage" sale, hubby and I went to a "Party in a Parking Lot" at a local tavern to listen to a band I used to go dancing to years ago.  Some people came to the farm to pick green beans (I have an overabundance) and I gave them a tour.  Overall it was fun and relaxing, but now I am feeling like I am way behind on my winter prep.  

Lyndsey and I are driving to Portland tomorrow to go school clothes shopping.  Portland is six hours away.  We are going to stop at a small Jam/Jelly shop that I have driven past for the last 20 years and never stopped at, then we'll stop at a new cheese making place to get some cheese curds and ice cream.  We'll get a chance to spend two nights with my middle daughter, Michelle (the Joy in the farm name) and her boyfriend Taylor.  They'll drive us around Portland to help us find places to shop without getting lost.  I don't have a lot of extra money, but we'll take Michelle and Taylor somewhere to dinner and I'll pick up a few extra needs for the house (cheaper Crisco for pies for the freezer, cheaper flour and sugar, etc. 

Part of me doesn't want to go, the weather has a fall feeling too it, and I feel like the squirrel trying to gather enough nuts for the winter.  However, Lyndsey will be a senior this year (oh my goodness) and this is probably the last chance to "school shop" with her, except for college prep stuff, which won't be the same.  (On a side note, I'm dreading the shopping because she will try on 40,000 things and buy 2.) Also, she wants to drive most of the way there, and she has never driven on the freeway or in a bigger city.  Yikes!  I'm gonna be a nervous wreck.  But, we'll have fun together, we'll sing badly and loudly all the way there and back and it will be fun.  This last summer of her high school years has passed to fast, she's grown up too quick.

Oh, and I can finally officially share these photos: 

Yep, its official... Kaitlyn and Justin are going to have a baby.  Remember  a couple years ago she had a miscarriage and they separated for awhile.  I'm so proud of them, they've worked things out, are now living on our property and are expecting a baby in February.  You see the puppies... (haa haa).  Rocky is the sweetest boy you've ever seen, wouldn't hurt a fly.  Bentley is so sweet, over 180 lbs now with another 50 probably to gain.  He does hurt flies, he snaps at them all the time.  But he loves everything else.  Kait and Justin live in a small manufactured home (13' by 36') so it's gonna be interested, because both of the dogs are in the house when they are home.  But it'll work out...

Wow, my youngest baby is graduating this school year and my oldest baby is gonna have a baby.  And I'm only 20 years old, right?

Time passes, and I refuse to let it push me into a panic...

I'll share the trip excitement when we get back.  We are coming back Sunday so we both have Monday to decompress, so that helps...