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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bits of the last few weeks...

My friend Wendy, who shears flocks up and down the Oregon coast.  She's amazing and so fun to hang out with.  I took yesterday off and went to help (or my version of helping) her shear a flock that hadn't been sheared in two years.  You won't believe the conversations we have in her truck.

The rams we hauled off of the ranch yesterday.  Over the years people have given this older couple any sheep they didn't want.  Problem is, the man has developed Alzheimers and the wife was overwhelmed.  Wendy and I decided to help them out, so we spent the whole day basically sorting and making a couple 1 hour round trips hauling off the extra rams. 
I would love a couple of sets of those horns.  Oh, by the way, I do this for fun, I don't get paid!

Eightball is all weaned now and out to pasture.  Steve was sad to see him go, but I have to admit his moo's at feeding time were becoming annoying.

This last weekend, at one point, Grandma Ruth was taking care of her 5 "ex-grandson's", all under 5 years old.  I feel pretty special, because my two "ex" stepkids (I divorced their dad 22 years ago) are still close with me, (as a matter of fact I'm friends with their mom on facebook).  Chad and his wife and their 3 boys spent two nights with us last weekend and his sister Barb was here for a while with her two boys.  They had a family funeral to attend and wanted to spend some time with us.  The "grandsons" call Steve and I grandpa and grandma, and Chad and Barb call Lyndsey their sister, even though it's only Kaitlyn and Michelle who are actually their half-sisters. Mason was really good with the boys.

The day before prom, I found out we were having prom dinner for 8 kids at our house.  Yikes... of course it was the hottest day ever.  The boys were roasting in their tuxedos.  They all looked so wonderful.  Lyndsey is in the pink dress, with her boyfriend on the left.


  1. How thoughtful (and exhausting) for you two to help out the sheep couple. I hope they can find a better solution for all those sheep....maybe downsize to two or three that the can handle (or probably more likely, that other people can handle).

    Kids, kids everywhere! Those dresses are VERY colorful and the wearers very pretty/handsome. :)

  2. It's so easy to get overwhelmed! Bless your heart for helping them out. What a lovey group of kids (er, young adults...)!