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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bad Blogger!

Wow, I didn't realize it'd been so long since I've been on here.  My laptop took a long walk off a short pier, Lyndsey's laptop is barely functioning and I just can't type good on my I-phone.

So, long story short, I'm still alive and kicking.  We've survived Lyndsey's trip to Italy (she had a ball), her prom (and dinner at the house for 8 juniors and seniors), the beginning of the garden, and a whole bunch of the usual chaos, etc. Also, 4-H weigh-in has come and gone (ask who vaccinated and ear-tagged hogs?).  We've successfully sold all the lambs except for Lyndsey's two market lambs.

I have a lot of pictures of spring flowers, critters and odd and ends, but this computer is not very effective for that. 

Anyway, I apologize and hope you are all well... I'll figure out how to get on more often, because I've missed you!


  1. Welcome back & I'm sure your glad your daughter is back from her worldly jaunt! Looking forward to more pictures.

  2. You were missed as well ! Welcome back (just in time for your hard working summer) lol

  3. Well, we WONDERED what had happened to you! Computer problems can put ya right out of business, I know. Glad to hear all is well though. It's this darn time of year when we're all so busy we have a hard time keeping up with all we want to keep up with, so don't feel bad. You do what you can do. Hope you can get a good working computer back in your hands soon so we can see all those pictures! Thanks for checking in.