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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Empty nest... but not enough time.

Lyndsey left day before yesterday on her Italian adventure, leaving Portland, Oregon at noon... she called today at noon our time (8 pm their time) saying we're here, goodnight.  I guess she didn't sleep at all from Seattle, WA to Amsterdam.  Seems drunk Belgians (not horses, I'm sure) are not the quietest travelers.

One reason I like facebook is she is able to post pictures easily, so we can see what she's experiencing.  Looks like she got wings on the plane?
So while she's gone, the house seems quiet.  Mason misses her very much and so do her momma and daddy.  On a good note, its a little relaxing, also, not keeping track of her whereabouts.  Just because she's gone doesn't mean there is less to do.  We have sold one of ram lambs to our shearer.  It makes me feel really good to have someone who has sheared sheep for 40 some years want one of our lambs.  I feel accomplished.  We are hoping to sell/trade the oldest ram lamb and two ewe lambs for either $900 or three calves and $100.  That means we still have one ram lamb we need to band this weekend.  Last weekend I just couldn't keep them little jewels down.  So I'll try again this weekend.  I have some of the "honey, help me..." things that I want to do this weekend.  We are hoping also to sell the Angus bottle calf as a bull calf to a rancher we know.  The calf is pure Angus and he would love him as a breeding bull.  But, he hasn't committed yet and if he gets much older, we won't be able to band him, so I need to get the guy out here to look at him.
Below are some baby pics... everyone is growing well, even the ewe who's momma is not feeding her as often as I'd like.

I am cooking down 4 gallons of tomato juice that I froze this fall into sauce.  Also, I got a call from a lady who volunteers at a local food bank asking if I wanted 20-some pounds of carrots that were in bad shape for my sheep.  I said sure... Guess what! They are almost all human edible, so I'll be peeling, slicing, blanching and dehydrating all weekend long, which is great!
Life is pretty dang good, you know!


  1. I'm a little embarrassed to admit I still have the 100# (okay, not that much but enough to fill two grocery bags) of my giant sized cherry tomatoes from last season in the freezer waiting to be magically (I wish) turned into juice or sauce or something.

    Sounds (and looks) as though you have some healthy and desirable livestock on your place.

    How long will Lyndsey be gone on her Italian adventure?

  2. Nice score on the carrots! How fantastic that you were able to get Lyndsey on this trip, what a great investment in her future, I bet she is having the time of her life and learning so much! Well done mama, now try not to worry too much :)