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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another set of healthy twins and 4-H piggies!

Saturday early am, Steve woke up and decided to go check the two ewes out in the lean-to.  Thank goodness he did, as Two had delivered the first of twins, and somehow, he had gotten outside of the fence (it's a section of panel from the fair.) It wasn't really cold out, but he would have gotten chilled for sure.  She promptly delivered his sister.  They were smaller than her last years twins, which is good because she partially prolapsed last year after delivery and had to have a retainer in for about 2 months.  I was told to get rid of her, or stitch her uterus closed til she was due to deliver, or put the retainer in and let her lamb around it.  I did none of the above, and so far, everything is fine!  Maybe it's dumb luck, but I'm happy.

Sydney is the last one due.  She looks huge so I'm kind of concerned.  It's her first year as a momma and she's a yearling.  Hopefully she'll cooperate and have them when I am there.  As a result I am checking her constantly. She was very curious about Two and her babies the other night (she's in a stall right next to them so she could see the birth, etc. Don't know if it'll help, but it can't hurt, right?
We went to a livestock auction in Cave Junction (about 3 hours away) yesterday.  We were hoping to get a couple more bottle calves.  That didn't happen, but we had combined it with picking up Lyndsey's 4-H show pig and our freezer pig.  They are a crossbred, a Polish mixed with a Hereford, (which we haven't seen before, so we are keeping fingers crossed.)  They are cuter than just about anything, and thrilled to be running around in the dirt.  They played and played today, in between taking naps in their little barn, buried in the hay.

Been a very long week, lots of stress, which I am not going to go into-my mind can't handle a "re-play".  Let's just note that a blood pressure of 140 over 100 is not good when you already take high blood pressure meds.  I am going to try to do better on how I handle stress and how I eat, etc.
Have a great week!


  1. That looks to be a honkin' bit piggy Lyndsey has in her arms! The two pigs couldn't ask for a better life than they will have with you folks.

    Here's hoping the coming week goes much better for you. We can't do too much to handle the stress that comes our way. All we can do is learn how to act and react to it, as you've already said. Eating a good, nutritionally sound diet does really help, too. Last night I managed to snuggle on the couch under an afghan and read for about an hour before bed. Hubby was in the rocker near me doing the same. I have to admit, Ruth, I wanted some potato chips SO BAD . . . luckily, there were none in the house. (That's the only way I can keep from eating them.) I know I did NOT need a heap of glop like that on my stomach to induce a good night's sleep . . . but I sure did want them!

  2. I'm so glad the lambing went well! I had to laugh at the "show pig" and the "freezer pig"... seems like men work like that too, first they have the "pretty dumb girl", but they marry the "smart one"... that's what I like to tell myself anyways! Keep that BP in check, I struggle with it too. Easier said than done for us worrywarts!