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Thursday, March 7, 2013

2013 Lambing season is done...

No pictures... too tired, no time, but we are done with lambing.  Having only 4 ewes, spread out over 2 months was kind of a pain.

Sydney went into labor about 7 pm, but by almost nine, no baby and she was pushing.  I'd see tiny feet (good sign), but they'd slip right back in.  She kept lying down and I could tell that wasn't helping.  So, I pulled on the plastic arm length glove and started feeling.  I couldn't get a decent grip on anything with the gloves on, so I took them off.  I guess I thought there'd be room-guess what, there wasn't!  I finally got the legs part way out, used my finger to help her loosen up and found the nose.  I was worried I was pulling to hard on the legs, trying to seesaw them back and forth.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, out came baby number one, a huge ewe lamb. I figured she was dead, due to the time it took.  But nope, she is a fighter! She was up trying to nurse right away.  Legs seem fine.  Number two was on the way and he shot out like a bullet, but so tiny.  I had to pick the ewe up so momma would help him.  We got them nursing and went to bed.

The problem is, her udder is either so sore (she has milk, but isn't engorged) or she's so rattled by the whole experience, she doesn't want them to nurse.  She's a good momma, attentive and careful, until they nurse.  So, I took today off and spent it holding her still so they could nurse.  Hoping it gets easier soon.  I got spoiled with the easy deliveries, I guess.  We weighed them tonight, the ram is about 5.5 lbs and the ewe is almost 10 lbs.  They are both calm lambs, and the ewe and I have bonded. LOL  Helping her into the world makes me feel all "special" towards her.

I'm headed for bed after I go get babies latched on and fed, so sleep good everyone.

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