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Monday, February 11, 2013

Lambs, yay and sad!

So, we did have lambs-early this morning, about 6:30 am, Steve went down to feed and came back to tell me Beiste had one lamb on the ground.  I got down there, helped dry the ewe lamb off, she started pawing (hit the ewe lamb in the head once or twice before I moved the baby).  She then delivered a ram lamb.  I helped clean his face (and nose off), she kept getting distracted by the other baby.  I waited about 20 minutes, she wasn't doing anything but eating hay and cleaning babies, so I figured she was done.

We left a half hour later for work and I'd checked them and all seemed fine.  We came home at noon and we found another ewe lamb.  Unfortunately she hadn't made it... the mucus was still over her face.  I'm not sure if momma got distracted by the other babies, or if the baby was born dead.  Either way, I'm really sad. Our first real loss of a animal that I feel like I could have prevented if I'd stayed longer. I thought Beiste was going to have triplets and didn't pay attention.  Oh well, life on a farm, right.  I did hit the Double Stuff Oreo's to help with the depression.   Tonight all seem to be good and eating well.  The ram weighs about 9 and a half and the ewe is about 8 and a half. 

Two more ewes still expecting.  Hoping that Two (that's the name of the ewe) has no problems this year.  Last year she delivered and had no problems til a couple days afterwards, when she had a partial prolapse.  So this year, I'm watching really closely and hoping we can keep everything good.  It's Sydney's first year (she was Lyndsey's last years grand champion ewe at fair). 

The calf is doing great... 2 weeks old today, drinking a gallon of replacer twice a day and starting to eat some alfalfa with the sheep. 

Tonight's dinner: leftover "homegrown" pork chops (shredded up) with canned tomatoes (not homegrown, darn it), black beans, peach salsa, swiss chard (picked tonight out of the green house), rice, cheddar cheese, sour cream and baked flour tortilla chips... Tasted good and only took about 20 minutes to prepare (and that was the rice in the steamer).

Well enough of my ramblings... have a good night.


  1. Sorry to hear about your ewe lamb :( But it's just part of farming and you did what you could. Could have been that she decided to go into labor the minute AFTER you left for work.

  2. Bummer about losing the little lamb. But you just can't be there constantly. So you know it's not your fault. 'Twas just meant to be. I lost our very first goat kid that way. Enveloped in the sack and gone by the time I found it. I've always felt bad about that after all these years.

    You have leftover pork chops to shred?? I've never had that happen around here! Your soup/chili/stew does look fantastic though. Any left we could have for lunch on our cold day here today? :o}

  3. I'd say don't beat yourself up, but like Mama Pea says, you always remember the ones you lose. It never gets easy – and we would be heartless if it did!

  4. Sorry to hear. When I was a kid I remember every so many years we would have a run on triplets with our Suffolks and it seemed not unusual to lose one or on the flip side to lose the ewe if she was older. I hope your two that made it are healthy and happy!