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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a jumble of news

Not much energy tonight to write... busy weekend, spent yesterday morning helping haul big prunings from my mom's apple trees to the burnpile, then hauled boxes from the garage into the house to get stuff marked for a sale, then dinner and played cards til 11 pm with the oldest daughter and son-in-law (late for me), then of course Lyndsey called and asked if some friends could come over after winter formal to watch a movie (of course we said yes-much rather they were here than elsewhere.)  We went to bed, but finally heard the boys depart around 3 am or so.The girls giggled for another hour.  Then some household chores this morning, target practice this afternoon, more chores and then dinner at my moms. 

Isn't it funny how when you write it down, it doesn't seem like as much as you thought you did?

Anyway, a couple quick pictures...

Lyndsey and her friends,who all went stag (so ask me why all the boys hung out at our house after the dance??)  She is the tall blond in the red dress.  This is taken with her 3"  heels on.  Since she is already 5'9" tall, don't ask me why she got the heels (which she later sprained her ankle while wearing).

If she knew I was posting this, I would be in trouble.  But I love it when she is laughing and totally unconcious of the camera. 

Still waiting for lambs from the 3 ewes, Beiste, Two and Sydney.  I figured Sydney was having a single, she looked pretty small and it's her first year lambing, but last night her sides exploded, so I may be wrong.  I took some pictures of them in all their pregnant glory today, but am too tired to post tonight.  Maybe tomorrow it'll be lamb pictures instead??

Sleep tight, everyone.


  1. Thanks for the little peek into your family life! The girls look beautiful AND happy :)

  2. No wonder you are exhausted! What a schedule! The girls DO look beautiful and happy. Ah, youth.... :)

  3. Beautiful photos, you are right - my favorite photos of my kids are either when they aren't looking or laughing so hard they don't know I'm even taking a photo!