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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey, can't you see I'm pregnant and trying to sleep here?

No, not me... But I bet I got your attention.  That would be our last two ewes, Two and Sydney, who are now ensconced in the lean-to stalls, waiting for the big day.  The looks they give me, when I go out to their stalls with the huge flash light at 9 pm, midnight and about 3 am to check them is pretty amazing.  Who knew sheep could express so many opinions with a stare?

Two is about a week past her mark date and we never saw one on Sydney (maybe that happened towards the end when Mojo's crayon had worn off and I didn't want to buy another one.)  They are both large, um, huge, um, ginormous and it started raining heavy again, so I locked them up.  (BTW, it snowed today in town for an hour or so, which is at the level of the Pacific ocean-in Gold Beach, pretty much unheard of for during the day).   Anyhow, I digressed a bit (that happens with me).  Two had her babes with no problems last year and was an awesome momma, but at two days, she partially prolapsed, so I want to keep an eye on her this year.  It's Sydney's first year and she's just a yearling, so I want to make sure that she is okay.  I hate this waiting thing. 

All the other's seem to be doing good.  The oldest ewe lamb has slowed down eating alfalfa (she's 1 1/2 months old) and I'm worried she might be having problems, but her energy level seems high.  The two that lived from the triplets last Monday (are they twin's or?? now) are doing great.  The younger calf, Eightball, is drinking milk and showing an interest in alfalfa which is great.  Nemo, the older boy, is eating good and running like crazy (mainly from Mojo, Lyndsey's ram, who seems to be trying to mount him??).  Life on a farm, right?

I'll finish with some pictures from the weekend (and tonight-you should hear Mason snore right next to me.) 

Beiste and her babes... so sweet!

No one would stand still... big difference between the 4 week olds and the 1 week olds.

Mason snoring right next to me. Didn't even blink when the flash went off.

Lyndsey on "Bubba", our first bottle calf, transformed into a beautiful hide.  Cost us $60 when he was butchered to keep the hide, then another $75 for the meat goat we traded to the guy who tanned the hide.  We were told the hide right now is worth about $500.  Also, we got to have the head back from the meat goat because Lyndsey wants to have the skull and horns.  How many 17 year old girls want to do that? And are excited to have the hide that will be the carpet in their dorm room?

I tried to get a good picture of Mojo, proud daddy of so many babies (actually, he doesn't even know they exist) but he forced his face into the shot.

Last but not least, Nemo, who is growing great but hates our guts.  That's fine by me.  


  1. LOVE the rug! And the lambs. And the pooch. And even Nemo. Is he destined for the freezer, hence the statement that you don't care if he hates you or not?

    1. Yep, he is destined to the freezer... in about a year or two. It's easier for me to not try to be good friends with the baby calves we bottle raise. But, he and Eightball will be going out to a pasture where I won't see them unless I want to, so that makes it easier.

  2. That picture of Mason is a riot. That dog is O.U.T.! Maybe, if you brought a bag of chips and a jar of pickles out to the barn with you, Two and Sydney would forgive you for staring at their butts three times a night.... :)

  3. So what's wrong with Nemo? Doesn't he have a really good home? Doesn't he know it? Ungrateful fella.

    1. I think he remembers the day he met us... He was taken away from his momma, had important parts (to him) removed, got 3 vaccines and then hauled home in the back of our Yukon, with my legs wrapped around his neck to hold him in place. Yep, he's holding a grudge.

  4. those hides are pretty, I hope the weather is decent for upcoming births!