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Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

Yikes... calendar is filling up way too quick for this girl who doesn't like scheduled events missing up my evening. 

The weekend was spent doing chores, spending way to much time in town running errands, showing our critters and farms to a couple of visiting friends (One of my favorite things to do), watching bits and pieces of the Superbowl (did anyone else love the Budweiser horse commercial and the Ram "God made a farmer" commercial).  

Tomorrow evening I am attending the first of 4 hunter safety classes (Tuesday and Thursday evenings this week and next).  I know how to fire a gun and I hunt, but truthfully it's due to hubby's helpfulness, not my skill.  I want to apply for my concealed carry permit, so I want to know what I am doing.  It's worth the $25 for the class.  I'll be the oldest one there, as it's mostly youth who want to hunt who take the class.  I want to attend the Appleseed Shoot that is coming up close by in August and I don't want to look like a total idiot.

Speaking of total idiots, I was very excited to get my picture taken with well-known author and celebrity John Silveira (I'm saying this to suck up to him when he reads it) and (I'm referring to myself as the idiot-LOL).  I am not sure why he is frowning, I swear I thought he was having a good time. He told me this was his happy face, I think he is trying to play the part of the silent, disturbed author. I fed him plenty of homemade bread and we talked about his writing, our farm, he teased Lyndsey unmercifully regarding various things (dancing on the table at the bar, etc), and we had a nice visit.  He's written a new book, the beginning of a trilogy that is a gripping tale of an ice-age in our not-so-distant future.  It is a eye-opening picture of what our society may become if the worst happens.  It also shows that the skills we learn as homesteaders will help us no matter what might befall our world.  I am just over halfway done, started it last evening.  Check it out on Amazon!

By the way, I've decided I hate the term "prepper"... it's becoming a scoffed-at word.  I think I'll just call myself a homesteading individual!


  1. Wow! Now THAT's a Celebrity picture I'd be proud to hang on my wall (and brag about to EVERYONE that came into the house) :)

  2. I LOVED the Budweiser commercial! I no longer like the word prepper either, for the same reasons. I have started referring to Doomsday as "Squirrel Attack" since people laugh and don't know whether to take me seriously or not haha. As in "yes, I keep grandma's old manual sewing machine for Squirrel Attack". I get head shakes and smiles but nobody seems to scared of me :)