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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wooden spoons and blenders... And random things.

Does anyone else have a hard time thinking of titles? I do... So the first thing I'll do is show you the
picture that goes with this title.

I was blending fruit for fruit leather today, and one or two of the strawberries were still frozen solid and wouldn't sink.  So, without even thinking, I stuck this spoon into the blender to push them down.  Within a second, the spoon was grabbed by the blades and um, well, shredded, to put it mildly.  The chickens got a blenderful of fruit smoothies.  I have done stupid stuff like this before.  Maybe someday I'll learn??

I got rid of lots of hens and am now down to 8 hens who are laying, along with one rooster.  I decided that I am going to put a wall up on one side of the chicken house and use it for feed storage, so I got rid of my stack of 12 laying boxes and came up with this.  It works really well.

Best $1000 we ever spent. It's not a 4 wheel drive quad, but we definitly put it to use. I love it for hauling things around.

Storing odds and ends of nails, screws, etc has always been a pain.  We bring them home in paper bags, which get damp and rip.  So, I was using glass jars to put them in, but hubby complained because he dropped one and it broke.  So, I started saving plastic bottles of various sizes and they work well. Makes the shelves much more organized.

Our local food bank will call me when they have old produce to get rid of and I bring it home for the chickens.  The last box had a bunch of potatos and lime or lemons.  I juiced the citrus and put it in the freezer for marinades, etc.  The potatos became a side dish for dinner one night.  It makes no sense to throw it out.

And on that note, I'm gonna go do some more crocheting on my blanket.  I started it 4-5 years ago and I finally have been dedicated and I think I might have it done by next weekend.  I'll show you a picture when I'm done.  It's not pretty, but it'll be nice to wrap up in.


  1. I like random, shows what daily life is like! :)

  2. Wow, seems to me you're on a big, organizational kick. (Is it catching? If so, I'll hang around here for a while to see if it takes.) I'm with Erin. I like posts like this one. As far as the wounded wooden spoon . . . been there, done that. Wouldn't ya think we'd KNOW that was gonna happen?