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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wonderings...

I just made that up, can you tell? 

On Wednesdays I wonder:

Why I get so excited when I remember that it's the one night a week I have declared that I will not prepare dinner (not even cold sandwichs) for anyone.  (Because that is just how exciting my life is, right?)

Why the dog who is farting horribly always has to lay at my feet and not anywhere else in a 2100 square foot house?  (Because Steve and Lyndsey will complain loudly and push them away, and I suffer in silence because it's easier)

Why there is absolutely nothing good to snack on the one night of the week I want to pig out since I'm not cooking? (That one is Murphy's Law, I think.)

Why when I am trying to do stuff on the computer the one night I have time, the husband keeps talking about stupid stuff and wants me to respond?  (Because it's the night I have time, right?)

Why I was the one who had to give the baby calf a glycerin suppository tonight since we haven't noticed him pooping yet?  (Is it in the "make Mom do it" book?)

Why I have no energy on the night that I could actually get things done?  (I just want to go lie down and read).

What do you wonder on Wednesdays?

The picture of Bentley meeting the calf is a little blurry, but I thought you'd appreciate the size comparison.  Bentley wasn't sure about the funny smelling "dog", and the calf liked him okay until he barked.

BTW, baby calf still doing good (except no poop yet that we've seen).  He is taking 2 pints at a time right now, 3 times a day.


  1. He's going to explode soon if you don't get things coming out the other end!

    I wonder how long I can exist with the ongoing sleep deprivation that seems to be part of menopause. :-/

    1. Hey, Michelle - Hope this doesn't send you into the doldrums but my sleeping problem started when I had a necessary hysterectomy at 45. It's getting close to 25 years later now and I'm still fighting being awake in the middle of the night for a couple of hours. Darned depressing, huh?

  2. the calf is so cute! Sounds like it has been keeping you busy too!

  3. Why do you have no energy on the one night you could get things done? Because we go, go, go, go, go and when we finally do "let down," our minds and bodies collapse completely! We're okay if we keep moving, but step off the treadmill and . . . phoompf! We start to fall apart. (I think the secret is to stop more often. Easy, huh? Yeah, right.)