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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soup Sundays, another bread recipe and LAMBS!

Even though it's last on the title, it's my first bit of news... Our dear Stacy produced twins again for us last night. A HUGE ram lamb and a delicate little ewe. I'm kind of surprised by the size difference. Of course it was the coldest night of the year (got into the low 30's, which is cold for us). Steve went out to check on her before bed and discovered one, ran right back into the house for the lantern and number 2 had been delivered. The little ewe is pretty slow moving this morning, so I'm going to make a coat out of one of Steve's socks for her to keep the body warmth in. Hopefully the first of 4 successful deliveries.

Following Mamma Pea's suggestion a few weeks ago, today we are having soup. Specifically, we are having my great-grandmother's recipe for potatoe soup. I make it exactly the way she did. Peel and slice or dice the number of potatoes you think you want, boil til tender. Then drain them, leaving a 1/2 cup or so of the water in with the potatoes. Mash them with a potatoe masher or a fork (a mixer makes them too much like mashed). Add a can of evaporated milk until the consistency you desire is reached. My family likes a "runny" mashed potatoe texture, so pretty thick. Add salt and pepper to taste and heat. Grandma never added anything else. A few years ago, I started frying up bacon, grating cheese and sauteing onions and garlic and putting them in separate bowls so we could add our own goodies, making it a little heartier. You could add ham or sausage. It's my go-to meal, as I always have the makings on hand.

We'll have bread, of course. Remember the recipe I shared last week. I was given another one that is quicker, which is important to me. It's a basic recipe that you can "oomph" up. Today I'm doing a marinated artichoke, cheddar and onion mix.

Well, I'm off to get some chores done. Wishing you a week full of hope, joy and faith....


  1. Congrats on the lambs; they're very sweet. Your soup recipe is almost the same base I use when I make clam chowder. Yummy!

  2. Yay for lambs! I'm glad everything went well and they are healthy little cuties! January lambing in Minnesota was awful, I remember my dad dealing with that always in the middle of the night and it was 20 below and occasionally there were times when something didn't go right (we had 80 so it was not that uncommon) he'd have to bring them into the basement and I would listen to the little lambs through the vents from the furnace :) many memories, and ours were Suffolks too!

  3. Hope your little ewe lamb catches up with her hefty brother soon. She kinda got the short end of the stick in the womb it looks like!

    What a super-simple potato soup recipe . . . one we should all be able to make without trouble. My mom always put sliced celery in her potato soup and I grew up loving it, but darned if I can get the same flavor she did so I usually leave it out.

    Will you stop with the wonderful sounding homemade bread?! Your artichoke, cheddar and onion mix is making my mouth water.

  4. Congrats on the lambs, I keep looking for udders on 7 of my ewes that were in with ram early this year, hope they hold off til next month. Need to check the angoras too.

  5. You might have to supplement the little one with a bottle; I have had to do that with mismatched in size multiples on our place. Also, check that they are switching sides when nursing, because the ram lamb might be more vigorous and you want it to be evened out a little on the udder. Good luck - they're beautiful!