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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soup Sunday

This may be an   stra wierdly worded post. I accide spilled coffee onto my laptop keyboard, barely over my mouse, but it made the mouse quit working, so I covered the keyboard area with rice to dry it out. I didn't think about the rice getting under the keys.   I thought I got all the rice out, but my "n" key and "c" key are having some issues.  Sometimes I can hit it just right and it works, other tinmes not quite.  Grrrr... I am a person who knows better.  That really irritates me.  I don't have the money to replace it.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, today was busy.  I had a couple of want-to dos, and one of them was to make a "sling" for the fish scale I had borrowed to weigh lambs with.  So proud of my hubby, I was looking at an old pink apron I had found somewhere and I was going to cut it all apart to make one.  He looked at it, suggested that I cut alo beside a certain point and finish it, then use the ties as the straps.  He is learning... 

Anyway, did those and started dinner... It's Soup Sunday all the time now here at the farm (thank you to Mama Pea).  I seriously will be making a soup every Sunday.  Makes meal planning easier.  Tonight was our basic standby, homemade turkey or chicken noodle soup.  It just depends on what I have available.  I start by throwing in carrots picked last week from the garden, some onions (today it was dried onions I dehydrated last year), whatever amount of poultry I have (pre-cooked), some broth (homecanned turkey broth-so proud of myself), a can of (gasp) Campbell's cream of chicken soup and some seasonings. I simmer all day if I want.  Then I throw in some homemade whole wheat noodles about 30 minutes before we eat.  It is nice and thick (the noodles do that) and satisfying. 

Then I got ready for our 4-H meeting.  I decided to take advantage of having an audience (ie, help) and we banded the tails on the 2 week old lambs (the lil' ram is safe with his jewels until we decide if he will be a market wether or a breeding ram for sale to someone).  Followed by a tetanus shot (ouch).  Then, we brought Nemo out to show and tell. He led pretty well. He cried quite loudly all day, so we decided he was feeling good enough to get out of the small pen.  So we put him in to the pen with Mojo the ram.  Neither of them was thrilled, but they will figure it out. Yes, I explained where he would eventually end up.  Part of real life, folks...  We had our meeting and finished up starting a community service project of making hats (on the round looms) for cancer patients (one of our co-leaders is a cancer survivor).  Life isn't just about livestock.  We have a great club with active parents that help out a lot. 

After the meeting but before dinner, did a couple more "chores" (took a door off of a "little barn" so that the calf can get in it).  Almost ready to pull out the afghan to do some more crocheting on.  Maybe I'll get it done by the end of January?? 

Hey, the keys seem to be working better.  Have a wonderful evening!

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