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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Soup Sunday! (does chili qualify?)

This afternoon we are having friends over for a "fire in the pit"... thats what we call it and everyone knows what we mean when I text 'em.  So, since it's been a little chilly lately, I'm making a big pot of chili to serve, and our friends will provide the required hotdogs, chips and s'more makings.

In my book, chili counts as a soup because a: it's cooked in a single pan and b: served in a bowl.   I thawed out two lbs of homegrown ground beef and browned it up with a diced onion and 4 or 5 cloves of garlic minced up.  Then after it was cooked, I threw in a half jar of salsa I had sitting around, 3 large grated carrots just picked out of the garden, a can of spagetti sauce,  and some red beans that I cooked up this morning.  Salt, pepper, and an unmeasured amount of chili powder completed it.  It's now in the dutch oven my friend Heather gave me.  Every time I use it, I remember her specialness.  I miss her so much.

Anyway, I have two kinds of bread baking, a basic white and a raisen/cinnamon bread, and I'm getting ready to go outside and do some odd jobs (moving boards, etc.).  The lambs are in the big pen now with their momma, their "aunties" and their half-sister, and doing great.  I am hoping (and praying) the 3 other deliveries are just as successful.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I like your definition of soup, and I concur!

  2. You bet chili counts as soup! What's better in a bowl especially in chilly weather than chili? Special guests you have coming who will be treated to homemade chili and HOMEMADE BREAD! (What time did you say we should arrive?) ;o]

    1. Um, Mama Pea, just call when you are about an hour from us and I'll start cookin'.