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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Soup Sunday! (and an amazingly easy bread recipe).

Mama Pea suggested a "Soup Sunday" where we all share a recipe for a soup.  I decided that I would make Sundays soup day at our house.  One easy, healthy way to have the dinner menu ready ahead of time.  Today, I am making a French Onion soup.  It has a nice rich taste and fills us up.  It's a pretty basic recipe.



  1. You sure succeeded in making me hungry for French Onion Soup! Thanks for sharing your recipe. And I just copied the recipe for the no knead Crusty Bread and want to try that asap. All I have to do is find my cast iron pot with the lid. I stowed it away because I dropped it (ugh!) and broke off one of the handles. I thought it would be unsafe to use but it would be perfect for this bread recipe. (If I'm really, really careful.)

    1. Yes, make sure you use some of your wonderful potholders, as the pan gets super, super hot. And you'll need a good serated knife, but this bread is amazing! Enjoy!

  2. You and me both Mama.I hope I have time to chime in once in awhile .This soup always was one of my favorites ,now to go check out that EASY bread recipe ,that caught my eye