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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Positive growth...

Growth in... the lambs.  We didn't weigh them the first night, but today at almost 3 days old, the ram lamb is weighing in at 15 lbs and the ewe lamb at 10.12 lbs.  They are both doing great.  She still is small, and I'm keeping her in Steve's sock jacket for awhile, since our temps have been colder than normal.  They are in the stall in our lean-to, so the last couple of evenings I've gotten home before dark and let momma Stacy and the babes out, her to graze and them to play.  Running, jumping, testing out the leaves and grass on the ground, they are so fun to watch.  Tonight, big brother kept trying to head butt his lil' sister, but she's a smart girl and kept stepping back out of the way.  I'm very happy that she is doing so well, with no supplements at all.

Growth in... my work.  I am finding out I keep getting handed more responsibility at work, which I don't necessarily like, as it's because they know I'll do it, but I am viewing it as a learning experience.  I also have a few ca-ca jobs, as my boss calls them, that I've procrastinated on and I am forging forward and getting them done.  I feel better, like I'm not avoiding them any more.

Growth in... finances.  I've really buckled down and I'm focusing on not spending on extras and not justifying spending money that needs to go to a bill on something else (like dinner out because I feel I "deserver it".  Money will be tight here for a while, but part of the biggest stress is not making myself follow through on where it gets spent.  Time to tackle it, and will be focusing on taxes soon.  I screwed up the last couple years and need to get it fixed.

Growth in... home life.  I'm making myself finish what I start at home (not sitting down to the computer til chores are done, ie cleaned up after dinner, laundry put away, etc) and then I can do "fun stuff".  I'm also almost done with my UFO  of a crocheted blanket,  and I'm excited about that.  I have also done something I was scared to do, which I'll share if it's successful.  I have decided to not focus so much on what I think my husband should do to help. Reality is, he's never been very good at helping out in the house, except for laundry, and moaning about it just causes me stress.

All this growth is good for me.  I find it easy to fall further and further behind, and it just makes things worse.  I can't promise it'll be this good forever, but it's living life as it should be, one day at a time, with a new start whenever I need it.


  1. Growth is great but often painful in adjusting to doing whats needed to reach what ever goal we want to achieve. I'm right there with you on the house& finances, I've let to much slip and need to be more accountable to myself. I have found that when I do more and keep things up more the others start noticing and pitching in. Even if its something simple as taking care of a dish.

  2. I hear you on the not moaning about what the other spouse should do - that's something I am working on, too (even if all my moaning is inside - or mostly (: ). So great the little one doesn't need supplements - I am always on tenterhooks when I have a small twin. We had a ewe die with two five-day old lambs, and it was pretty stressful.

  3. Positive growth? Wow, I'll say. You're doing so good, you're setting the bar really high for me in comparison!

    Regarding getting your spouse to "change," there is a theory that believes the very best way to do that is to exemplify the best attitude and exude happiness, contentment and fulfillment yourself . . . and all those good vibes will (sometimes it takes longer than others!) be infectious to people around you. I mean, really, if you lived with someone who really seemed to be feeling good all the time, wouldn't you want to be that way, too?

    No kidding, you really seem to have taken the bull by the horns and are doing very well. You're a good example for anybody who's paying attention.

  4. Sounds like good things are coming for you in 2013! I'm right there with you, I think there are real possibilities this year if I can really take a hard look at where all the money is going, that is definitely the hard part.