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Saturday, January 26, 2013

New calf, other pics

Okay, pictures as requested...

A couple weeks ago, we had cold temps (for us on the Oregon coast anyway) and everything was coated in beautiful, shiny, glistening (slippery) frost.

The hens and roo' were not enthused.
The driveway was pretty slick too, iced over dirt.  Luckily it'd been dry for a while, otherwise it'd be iced over mud, making it even more interesting.

The twins went out with the rest of the flock at one week old.  They are two weeks today and doing great.  Tomorrow during our 4-H meeting we will band tails. We don't know yet if the ram lamb will be marketed as a breeding ram or if he'll lose his jewels to be a market project.  The other ewes are gettng closer to d-date.

Bella patiently waiting for me to take her outside (chili cooking on the woodstove).

Bentley, my oldest daughter's Mastiff puppy spend a little time with us today.

He and Mason do a lot of roughhousing.
Here's NEMO!  (He came with the name).  He is close to 4 months old, a Simmental/Hereford/Angus cross.  He isn't real big, so I'll be supplementing his alfalfa with some calf grower as soon as he figures out what grain is.  He had one heck of a day today, poor guy.  We took him away from his momma, tied him up, vaccinated him, castrated him (next time I'll band him-he bled pretty heavy and the owners, who assured me it was quick and easy, told me we needed to get him to the vet ASAP, money of course, I didn't have.  Luckily, standing around for a while, the blood started to clot, so he's okay now), then he got put in the back of the Yukon and drove him home, all hog-tied, with me riding in the back straddling him to keep him from struggling.  There was not a peep out of this little guy, and there hasn't been yet.  I'm not even going to try to bottle feed him, he's just to old.

Luckily he really likes alfalfa, so once he was tucked away in the lean-to (with a small turnout attached) he started chowing down.  
POf course the pregnant ladies also like their alfalfa.
So does Mojo... this is not a good picture, because he's on a hillside and there is lots of mud.

FFinishing up with a couple cute shots... what a sweet face (even though he kicked me when I was spreading straw for his bed.)


  1. Nothing like moving large livestock in the family truck! Glad he's doing better.
    Nice picture of the Mastiff "puppy". Our's isn't that big yet, but man o' man, does he EAT!

    1. I think they feed Bentley about 6 cups a day. Mason gets 8 cups, because we don't buy the super spendy food. His uncle weighs 220 lbs, so he's got a ways to go at 110.

  2. Love the photo of his transport home - ha! I wonder if I could get Brian to do that if I get a new ewe, so I don't have to take the horse trailer!?!

    1. Steve had told me I couldn't haul sheep in the Yukon, but when it came to Nemo, he was like "no problem".

  3. cute photos! Bella wants to come to Virginia for a vacation :)

    1. Well, she's still young, so I'll need to be her chaperone!