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Friday, January 18, 2013

Curiousity and lambs.

Just a short video of the babies... I have determined the size differential isn't that the ewe is too small, he's just HUGE! I weighed them on Tuesday night and she weighed in at 10 1/2 lbs, he was 15 lbs. That's at not quite a full three days old. We let them out this afternoon to stretch their legs, and they terrorized the chickens. Curiousity wins out every time. I'm surprised the rooster, Ronald Reagan, backed off so quickly. A friend gave me a couple more pumpkins today, so I tossed a couple down to Beiste,Two and Sydney. Since they are expecting babies, I figured that a late afternoon snack doesn't hurt. They love pumpkins! Our youngest daughter, Lyndsey, is 17 today. Where have all those years gone? We are lucky parents to have 3 beautiful daughters who turned out so well, and Lyndsey is, well, in some ways above and beyond. I won't say she is my favorite, but she is the easiest. She is smart, talented and funny. Yes, she is annoying at times, but she rarely gets in trouble (when I snap at her for something, she is pretty much wounded for days) and we trust her. Wow... good thing she doesn't read this, huh? Or her sisters. This morning we went to the school for a breakfast held for student of the month. Two months ago, she got it for Physics and today she got it for Work Experience. She does one class period in the local circuit court, scanning files, etc. The teacher couldn't say enough about how responsible she is, being the only kid out of 15 participating who regularly turns in her weekly reports, plus the praise from her work site. Afterwards, one of the other moms (who is also Lyndsey's supervisor at her after-school paying job at a local Drs. office) said she could say the exact same things about her work ethic. Proud? You bet I am!

Lyndsey with the human skull her physics teacher owns. She wants her own. Guess I know what to get her next Christmas?

Lyndsey and Rob Smets during a local bullriding event about a year ago.  She really wants to pack a flag on horseback during a rodeo sometime.

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Plus, she really wants her own rig to "tuff-truck" in, not just borrow one like last year. 

I am living vicariously through my daughter! LOL

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  1. What a beautiful daughter. They grow up so fast but sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders and will go far.