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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The hope, faith and joy of the season!

I did a November gratitude month on my facebook page (to find me, look for me via my name Ruth Dixon or my e-mail rideaway_63@hotmail.com) and it ran the gamut from silly (grateful for coffee) to heartfelt (grateful for being sober) to whatever else struck my fancy. I had one man tell me repeatedly how much he looked forward to reading my posts on facebook.  My husband read one and told me I needed to start writing and sending in submissions.  Wow, that one blew me away, as he never really says much.

My posts here have run a strange course also.  I love that I can vent with all of you, and talk about finances (still shaky), to extended family (still stressful), to animals, kids, crafts, canning, etc.  And in return, I receive great advice, and a feeling of love from folks that I've never met face to face. I don't write to be published, or even to necessarily make sense.  It's like a diary I share. Its so amazing to me.  I love blogland, and all of you.

Anyway, the Holiday/Christmas/Kwanzza/Hanukkah/whatever season is upon us.  No matter what faith you are, or church you go to (or don't go to) this time of year brings out a special feelings in most people.  There are those people who, for various reasons, avoid the holidays, dread the season, are Grinches, or just don't want to have anything to do with this time of year.  Respect them, give them their space and if they hurt your feelings, don't take it personal.  We have no way of knowing what that person has gone through.  And it's not our right to tell them how we think they should act or react towards us.  I could type for hours on how we need to carry the holiday season (for me, Halloween on thru New Years) throughout the year.  But, now is not the time or place for that. 

I am worried about a lot right now, with no way popping up in front of me for a quick fix.  But, for this next month, I'm gonna focus on the positive!  I am not going to ignore what needs done, but I can redirect my negative worrying to a more productive, happier place.  How, you ask?  By taking advantage of the "merriness" of the season.  It's already a "feel-good" time of year (or it's supposed to be, though previous years I have turned it into a negative thing).  By finding small things to do (singing Christmas songs with Lyndsey as we decorate, drinking a hot cocoa through a candy cane, watching a Christmas movie) I know I can keep the gloom of worry away.

Today, Lyndsey and I took Mason to see Santa at a local hardware store, who also is our new feed supplier-they've done great stuff for our 4-H community.  Mason did great posing for his picture (notice the treat sticking out of his mouth).  He had a ball wandering up and down the aisles, with people ooohing and aww-ing over him.  And he only threw up a little bit in the car on the way home (his tummy isn't the best). Then, Lyndsey and I put up Christmas decorations (no tree yet), I made an amazing dinner of meatloaf (homegrown beef with homegrown carrots grated up into the mix), what I call a "half-baked potatoe", steamed califlower and fried beets.  The beets and carrots were picked a couple days ago.  I just took a apple pie (homemade crust by Steve and homegrown apples for the filling) and now we are all relaxing, watching TV and listening to the wind blow (only 45 mph gusts tonight) and watching the lights occassionally flicker. 

Tomorrow, I'm gonna try to do a little baking, gift-wrapping, outdoor stuff (weather permitting) and keep the good feelings flowing.

I'm leaving you with a quote from a holiday movie.  Do you know the movie?  No cheating...

"He's an angry elf."


  1. Ruth, it sounds like you are definitely getting into the right spirit for the season. It is so easy to worry ourselves sick over things we can't control. I love the picture! I might try to drag my two for a holiday picture - one's a ham and one's terrified of everything.

  2. It is indeed easy to forget that for some the holidays are a source of pain and sadness. Here we have many military families that have lost one of their family and I always have to be mindful of that. Fortunately we are looking forward to Christmas as we get the hubs back for 2 weeks to enjoy time with him. It is so important to focus on the positive things if possible, thanks for the reminder of that!