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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just some pictures...

Picked the last of the beets today... gonna roast some for dinner.

Picked a nice batch of carrots also... maybe tomorrow I'll get them into the dehydrator.

Some of the "girls" looking for worms...

I saw a pasta dryer on-line somewhere.  I posted the picture and hinted for my Christmas present.  My dad did a great job.  It folds up quite nicely for storage.

Then, it opens up...

To hold plenty of homemade whole wheat noodles.
Somehow, Ronald Reagan (son to Abraham Lincoln and grandson to George Washington) got outside the fence today.

You know how some women look fabulous while they are doing farm chores... all "outdoorsy" and put together... Yah, that's not me!


  1. Hey, you look a lot more "put together" than I do much of the time. Heck, your jeans and sweatshirt don't even look like they have rips in them!

  2. you know... there is a level ABOVE fabulous - and that is what we are :)