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Saturday, December 22, 2012

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down...

 In rushing, rising rivelets (who else loves Winnie the Pooh?). 

I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago, and thought I had published it. I guess not... We are still in the middle of rain. The ground is squishy and our poor lil' sheep flock are spending time in the lean-to. We've had rain... lots of it.  And while we are used to rain here on the southern Oregon coast, its been in large quantities in short periods of time, combined with high winds (we regularly get 60-75 mph sustained winds with 90 mph gusts.) 

As a result, the land gets saturated and can't hold the water. Which means it finds different ways to continue flowing downhill, resulting in...

The first picture is looking back down our road at the culvert that is starting to fail. (I parked the rig and walked up to it.) For some reason, the water that should be flowing through the culvert is flowing around the culvert (nope, nothing plugging it, I went to the other side and checked.)  Doesn't look too bad, does it?

Then, as I looked, I realized that the dirt is washing away and the integrity of the road is being seriously undermined.  This is a almost 2 car wide dirt road with lots and lots of potholes, so no one stays to the right side of the road.  They (and I) swerve all over to find the spots with fewer potholes.  Unfortunately this spot is one with very few potholes.  A fir tree had fallen during a storm a couple of weeks ago, and my brother-in-law put some of the trunk pieces around the eroding spot.  Of course, some idiot passer-by took them.  So today, I grabbed a few of the larger branches that were lying around and placed them so they were "protecting" the spot.  I ran home and grabbed some orange "flagging" tape and tied them on the branches.  We aren't that worried about the road washing but if a car hits that loose spot, it could go in and cause some more damage. 

This picture is a mile up the road from us.  Same almost-two lane, unclaimed dirt road, culvert that failed.  Hmmmm, maybe I should be a little more worried than I am?  There are a few people who live on up the road, luckly this road continues on over the mountain and connects with another dirt road, so their drive will be a little longer, but they aren't stuck.

If the one on our side fails, yep, you guessed it, we are stuck between the two washouts... wait, maybe that's not a bad thing?  As long as I'm on the home-side, not on the town side? 

There's just something exciting about living out in the woods...

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  1. Hope pantry and the hay barn are well stocked if the road does give way. I never seem to need to go anywhere ... until I can't .... Take care, better stock up on the flagging tape too.